Caring for the Earth

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Education and Communication
for Sustainability in Africa


An investigation of the state of
environmental education across Africa



New educational resources will be regularly added to this page.
They may be downloaded and are free for you to use but please acknowledge the source.

CFE title African Wildlife Photocopy Book

Photocopy Book

Black & white line clipart drawings of a wide range of African animals and plants.
Copyright free illustrations which can be used as a learning aid to help students identify different wildlife species or make wildlife posters as in the example shown above. The whole book of illustrations can be downloaded here. However this is a large file and if your internet signal is slow, it might be better to download selected pages from the list in the left hand column.

Buffalo Wildbeest Lion Hyaena Elephant Gorilla
Rhino Porcupine Heron
Tree Education Habitat Helicopter

 "In the end we will conserve only what we love;
we will love only what we understand
and we will understand only what we are taught"

Babe Dioum





African Wildlife Clubs Handbook

WC Handbook

a little dated but includes some good ideas and resources which are still useful for Wildlife or Eco Clubs

Environmental Education
The Principles of Interpretation

Useful ideas on
interpreting the environment



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